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Hello Everyone,

This week we have been busy making turkeys as we start talking about Thanksgiving. Our friends followed positional directions to create the turkeys. One set of turkeys we will be wearing as a hat for the Thanksgiving Feast on November 21
st. The other turkeys are small paper plate turkeys that will be used to decorate for the feast along with the dictation Thank you God for..

This week we talked about how God asked Gideon to trust his plan and send many of his soldiers home. Gideon then won the the Battle with just a small army with torches and horns. The enemy army was defeated without a battle but lights and noise. (Judges 7) God wants us to have confidence to trust His plans as Gideon did.

This week we have counted to 49 days. We have been practicing singing songs for our Christmas Service on December 13
th. We have been working with manipulatives of fall and Thanksgiving items that we are counting and sorting together. Turkeys, acorns, pumpkins, squirrels, and leaves in many colors have been fun to use.

We have been reading some Thanksgiving stories. We read our newspaper about Leaves. Don't forget you can watch the videos at home that we watch at school about our newspaper topic.

Wednesday we went to the Veterans Day assembly to watch all of the students celebrate the Veterans and to join in with Grades PreK to Fourth Grade as we sang Grand Old Flag. All of the students sang very enthusiastically and our song was enjoyed by all. There were many Veteran guests. We hope they liked the thank you hearts we made for them last week. We were each able to go up to one of the Veterans and hand them a heart and thank them for their service. Everyone was smiling broadly as they gave and received the gift. We clapped a lot for the Veterans and for our school friends. The color guard, made up of Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts, brought the flags to display right down in front of us. We did a good job singing, sitting, watching, and clapping for everyone.

On Friday we had a fire truck visit. The fire fighters showed us their gear, a tool called the Jaws of Life, and we got to touch a hose and nozzle. The best part was when we got to get on the truck and see where the fire fighters sit when they go to a fire. Attached are a few pictures of our visit.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Hope you are staying warm.
Mrs. Person

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